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Company Capabilities: Image
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Company Capabilities

We provide the following services as part of site management:

  • Contract and Budget Negotiation

  • Drug/Device Accountability

  • Electronic Data Capture Entry

  • Execution of Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements

  • Invoicing

  • IRB Submission and Correspondence

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Monitoring Visits and Correspondence

  • Protocol Feasibility

  • Query Resolution

  • Record Archiving

  • Regulatory and Startup Document Completion

  • Site Initiation

  • Site Selection Process

  • SOP Development and Implementation

  • Source Document Generation

  • Study Closeout

  • Study Execution

  • Study Identification

  • Study/Site Point of Contact

  • Subject Study Visits

Company Capabilities: Text

Patient Network Referral Program

For every referral to be made by a Clinical Trial Participant, the person who refers may receive compensation.

Company Capabilities: Headliner
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